Little bit of this, little bit of that, little less than everything, much about absolutely nothin', wanting to be somebody, smiling to everyone and bitchin' to everybody - mix it well before drinkin'!


Someone lovely and wonderful could message me

I’ll build you a princess castle made out of candy if you do. :o


I’m bored and lonely.

Message me, lovelies? I miss you guys and I want to get to know the ones I don’t know already! c:

Message me!

I need/want/etc someone to talk about some totally random stuff with, that would be nice. We can talk about anything and you’ll probably make my night. c:

Kik me @ smile2meh c: I can’t sleep and I’m bored.

And no, boys, I don’t want to send you nudes or see your dick or anything like that.

I’m super bored.

Message me, lovelies? c:

I’ve also got lots of new, awesome followers. Thanks to everyone who finds my blog good enough to follow c: makes me happy.

I need people to kik or text via imessage with c:

inbox me for my number? c:

I remember people asking if I had kik earlier but I didn’t. Finally got an iphone, so I have kik too now. Message me and I’ll add you :)

I need people to skype with

and actually speak English.

I know my writing’s pretty good, even though I make mistakes. But my accent is like asdfghjm terrible ‘cause I never get to actually speak English. I mean, people usually understand me but I just sound stupid as fuck :—D and it’s pretty hard for me to understand anyone else who speaks with with even a little bit weird accent.

anyways, anyone?

I feel lonely as fuck but I don’t want to have anything to do with anyone I know right now. That sucks.

Someone could message me and make my day? :c