Little bit of this, little bit of that, little less than everything, much about absolutely nothin', wanting to be somebody, smiling to everyone and bitchin' to everybody - mix it well before drinkin'!


I’m really really lonely

It’s 4am and the whole world seems to be asleep

Someone could message me and make everything better? c:

Hey lovelies!

I’m traveling to London this winter/spring. Right now we’re thinking January ‘cause there’s some really cheap flights then.

Any of you guys live there or anywhere nearby? c:
I’d love to get some hints about anything that’s worth seeing beside the traditional tourist places. Also, it would be awesome as fuck to meet up with some of you if anyone’s brave enough and up for it!

Message me! c’:

'En todellakaan tiennyt tää voi tältä tuntua'

Somebody message me, i’m bored enough to post selfies.
Also, i think i accidentally drank some blueberry pople and might be a little drunk.

Someone lovely and wonderful could message me

I’ll build you a princess castle made out of candy if you do. :o


I’m bored and lonely.

Put an “UNF” in my ask and I’ll answer these.




If you snuck in my room I would:

  • [] Go back to sleep
  • [] Kick you out
  • [] Cuddle with you
  • [] Be like wtf?
  • [] Let you sleepover
  • [] Beat your ass
  • [] Sexy time
If you kissed me I would:
  • [] Kiss you back
  • [] Smile & laugh
  • [] Be shocked
  • [] Slap you
You are:
  • [] Cute
  • [] Adorable
  • [] Pretty
  • [] Beautiful
  • [] Okay
  • [] Sexy
  • [] Hotass Motherfucker
  • [] Ew
I Would:
  • [] Smash
  • [] Pass

Do it up(:

If you are awesome, you’ll do it.

just cause kelsey did it hahahahaha


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Message me, lovelies? I miss you guys and I want to get to know the ones I don’t know already! c:

Message me!

I need/want/etc someone to talk about some totally random stuff with, that would be nice. We can talk about anything and you’ll probably make my night. c:

I’m super bored.

Message me, lovelies? c:

I’ve also got lots of new, awesome followers. Thanks to everyone who finds my blog good enough to follow c: makes me happy.

I need people to kik or text via imessage with c:

inbox me for my number? c:

I remember people asking if I had kik earlier but I didn’t. Finally got an iphone, so I have kik too now. Message me and I’ll add you :)

I feel lonely as fuck but I don’t want to have anything to do with anyone I know right now. That sucks.

Someone could message me and make my day? :c