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#drawing #sketch #sketching #art #you #are #so #special #text #fish #bubble #pencil #cute #love #crush #friendship #sketchbook #instagood #followme #lol #mine #absurd #nofilter

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/edit/ just thought I should make this clear. I _don’t_ want to see your dick, I don’t want to flirt or trade pics with you or anything like that if you’re a guy. I’m a lesbian. And yes, I’m pretty fucking sure you’re not the one to change that.

Don’t get the wrong vibes, I’m really nice and all but in last two minutes there’s been 9 guys who really don’t seem to get this so, um, yeah.  


For a moment I thought you were just playing me..

it turns out, you just are even more scared than I am. You’re scared that I’ll run away from you.

And every single time you try to tell me why no one should love you

I fall for you a little more.

The way you’re insecure behind that killer confidence that everyone sees in you.

The way you have to check to be sure I’m still yours. 

It breaks my heart how people have treated you before, and I know it’s stupid and ridiculous but it makes me wanna fix you, make you believe there is something good in people again. Even if it meant I’ll fix you for someone else to hold.. I’d know I would’ve helped you to be happy.

I’m surprised how calm I was when you said you don’t even remember the last time you felt anything towards another human being. Even when I know it means you don’t have feelings for me either. But you’ve told me a thousand time that you could like me really, really much. That I’m just the kind of person you’d fall for if you had the courage. You’d want to buy me flowers and you want to fall asleep in my arms, with not as much as an inch between our bodies. When we were together last weekend, I don’t think I spent more than five minutes without you at least holding my hand. Usually you held me. You held me even closer to you when we weren’t alone. It made me feel so, so safe.. I wake up to your texts and the last text I get at night is always from you, you never fall asleep without telling me good night. Without calling me Little one. You say that you couldn’t like anyone, that you couldn’t be with anyone, and I can see how scary it is to think you could after all this time. But without meaning to sound narcissistic or crazy, I kind of know you like me. I just know. And for my insecure self that is more than a huge thing to realize. 

I know you’ll never read this unless I show this to you, but this kinda cleared my head. I miss you, bye.

I’m more of a mess than you’d ever know. Maybe you’ll see, maybe you won’t, maybe you’ll forget me in a day or two or maybe you’ll still be wondering about me when your world’s gotten upside down and everything seems so confusing. Or maybe that’s just me and not you, I tend to think about you a lot. I’ll let you know if I do.
This is practically what I see when I look out my window when I’m home. Beautiful, isn’t it? The river and the rapids look so calm like this. View high resolution

This is practically what I see when I look out my window when I’m home. Beautiful, isn’t it? The river and the rapids look so calm like this.