Little bit of this, little bit of that, little less than everything, much about absolutely nothin', wanting to be somebody, smiling to everyone and bitchin' to everybody - mix it well before drinkin'!


I just want to be a mess of blankets and pillows and plush toys with someone cute close to me and holding me and me playing with their hair is that really too much to ask from life

I’ve had really good days lately - considering everything that’s been going on

This isn’t one of them.

I’m really lonely.

I need more friends from around here but I don’t really know how to.


I miss my girl like hell. :(
She’s overseas on a vacation, she’s only been there for few days and she even texted me one night but still.. I’m used to us talking like all the time and even when super busy with life, we normally talk daily. It’s weird not to at least hear about her day every night and stuff like that. :’) has made me realize how big part of my life she is, though.

We were meant to see each other last week but something came up. So it’s been a while.. Feels super funny to think that couple of weeks is a long time not seeing her face but it really is :—-D we’ve had the amazing luxury of pretty much being able to see each other weekly for a while now.

But gooosh I can’t wait to get to text to her and see her and hear her voice and hug her and hold her close to me and kiss her and fuck her and have her smoke all my cigarettes ‘cause she’s too lazy to get her own and just listen to her talk

I’m scared to reblog selfies that don’t have many notes ‘cause then if they’re from my city and they notice it’s hella creepy

Just after realizing I really really do like this girl crazy much..

I get a huge need to hit on someone else. And not even anyone special. Just about anyone. Just go out and flirt and all that, get a kiss and take someone home. Uhhhh. Couldn’t do it to her, though

Asdfhh. Commitment issues much?

I was sitting on my balcony at 4am smoking a cigarette and thinking about everything deep. Suddenly I hear someone playing some blue jazz music on the street.. I’ve always wondered how cool it would be if life had a background music like in the movies, and now it happened I’m clearly in a movie scene!

'En todellakaan tiennyt tää voi tältä tuntua'

Somebody message me, i’m bored enough to post selfies.
Also, i think i accidentally drank some blueberry pople and might be a little drunk.

Ok, I need someone to talk to me

I feel really fucked up. Like I just now realized what’s been happening..

I was about to die
I was held at the intensive care unit
I’ve spent almost a week in a hospital

I almost died
I almost died
If my roommate hadn’t been there i would have died
I wouldn’t be here anymore


And no i did not try to kill myself, i know you’re wondering

I really need opinions about the shirt you guysss :D

 + sorry my phone’s camera is the only one i have and it sucks

I made myself a new shirt c: I’m not sure if I really, really love it or if I’m not confident enough to wear it, though..
Any opinions? View high resolution

I made myself a new shirt c: I’m not sure if I really, really love it or if I’m not confident enough to wear it, though..

Any opinions?

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